The Art of Sama Wareh
To say that I devote my entire time to art would not be a lie. I believe that you can live life as a form of art. How you communicate with people and how you establish a connection with our natural world is a form of art. From these experiences, I build a library of lines, colors, values, spaces, and textures that I internalize, thus externalizing my next art piece. The times in my life where I have balance feel the best for me and thus I draw and analyze my feelings and process them into art pieces that have balance, utilizing movement, harmony, and playing on the illusions of proportion. Our eyes see more of what we want to see and thus, we live our lives constantly out of proportion. Many of my abstract pieces live that way as well, out of proportion.
Art classes ranging from acrylic paint to watercolor to henna workshops to art made from trash and everything in between. Art classes focus on developing an eye for observation and honing the skills to make ideas come to life.
Sama Wareh has a Masters of Science degree in Environmental Studies from California State University Fullerton and her undergraduate Degree in Filmmaking and Art. She has been selling art internationally for over 11 years, doing henna for over 15 years, and has been in the Environmental Education field for over 8 years. She lives in Orange County, California and is inspired by her canyon lifestyle. Her studio is on top of a little hill in the canyon, which she hikes up to from her home. Sama is the author of "How to Draw 60 Native California Plants and Animals: A Field Guide" and was awarded OC REGISTER's OCMETRO 40 under 40 award in 2013 for her humanitarian work.
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