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As we have said, all artists are unique and each will develop at their own pace. Sometimes we will find a five year old who has natural gift to be disciplined and listen intently to their instructor. While other times it may take an artist until they are 13 or 15 years old to be able to focus their energy in this way. The instructors and staff at The Aerial Studio will make a determination if we are able to focus a young artist enough to ensure they are getting the benefit of a group class. In some cases it may be necessary to maintain a one-to-one ratio with a particular artist for some time. In this case, we may suggest private lessons or find another path for this artist's journey. When learning acrobatics it is necessary to develop slowly and methodically. We must master skills in progression and build fundamentals to ensure safety and consistency. The learning generally takes place in concentrated advancements and dreadfully tedious plateaus. Nothing can take the place of repetition. Artists will gain the confidence and dexterity to perform only after they have truly mastered a series of progressive skills. There are no short-cuts in this work. Although someone may be very talented and progress quickly, the only way to maintain a great level of safety is r-e-p-e-t-i-t-i-o-n.... As artists practice their exercises they will naturally gain confidence that can be seen in their performance. This is where the hard work and long hours begin. As students progress and become increasingly passionate about their art they will spend endless hours refining their performance and preparing it for the world to see. We strongly recommend at minimum of 1 group class, 1 private lesson and 1 conditioning & stretch class each week.
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