Suzette Hodnett
Blending my experience as a licensed psychotherapist, Tai Chi instructor and professional artist to bring physical and emotional health to youth and adults.
Scientific studies have shown that Tai Chi movements result in improved behavior of children with ADHD, increased levels of concentration, and reduced stress.

Creative Expression - this class will use movements and meditation taken from the Chinese exercises system of Tai Chi to help children increase self-esteem, improve concentration, relax, gain self-discipline, and promote fitness. $50/month.

Self Discovery- classes use art, writing, and small group activities to experience and share emotions and values. Self-knowledge and self-esteem are a necessary foundation to help children gain self-confidence and become successful and productive adults. The Self-Discovery class gives children a good start towards valuing themselves and others. 8 weeks. $100 (mini-course: 4 weeks: $50)
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7630 Washington Ave
Whittier, CA 90602
(562) 556-6915
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