Santa Monica West LA Whole Life Learners
Welcome to Santa Monica West Los Angeles Whole Life Learners!

We are progressive/liberal minded, unschoolers or alternative oriented independent homeschoolers who are interested in following our child's interests. Many of us are already living or moving towards living a life free of curriculum constraints.

We're a secular group in the WLA area. The common thread is respect toward our children and each other.

We recognize that learning is an outgrowth of living life. We trust our children will learn what they want and how they want through living their lives and following their passions. We are here to facilitate, strew new ideas and support them in their interests whether that's taking a class, finding a mentor or hanging out experiencing what's exciting at the moment. In other words: living and learning all the time.

We want this park day to be a place where Everybody Feels Safe. Sometimes, it's the quieter members of a group who get ignored or excluded. This isn't to say that everyone needs to play with everyone all the time, but that any play and talk is based on kindness.

When this isn’t happening, we get involved with our kids to assist them in navigating the interpersonal things that inevitably and naturally come up.. We're not a hands off group.

We are a cooperative support group. The more you are involved the more the group will flourish.

We don't discuss curricula we think our kids should be doing or how to make them learn things we think they should learn. We trust that learning will be intrinsically motivated. We will be there along the way sharing their passions.

Many of us embrace technology .
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