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We have a secret. (And we hate to tell you because we don't want to make anyone feel bad.)

But the truth is that once new homeschoolers get past the fear and uncertainty of the first year - this lifestyle is really freakin' great!

You see, while everyone's at school, the world is our oyster. We have the run of the place! No lines. No crowds. Weekday discounts, extra attention from docents, time and space to really explore.

Then we have this group, this phenomenal group, where we get together and have hours of uninterrupted fun and imaginative play and camaraderie - out in the sunshine and fresh air where we all long to be!

And the parents. You should just meet these parents we get to hang with in the homeschooling community. They are awesome! Interesting and brave and funny and smart and energetic - complete with nice kids, good ideas, great intentions, and so much support and information when we need it!

And then, there is the flexibility that comes from not being ruled by school bells and pick-ups and drop-offs and tardies and PTA meetings and mandatory fundraisers. To be able to shape your family's day around YOUR family's wants and needs. It's powerful stuff: saying no to a school-imposed schedule.

But maybe the biggest, best homeschooling secret of all - the one nobody talks about because it just seems too good to be true - is this:

Kids are born curious and they want to learn.

They soak knowledge up like it's sunshine. They drink in the world like it's water.

So it's actually quite easy to help them learn all they need to know - while also giving them the space to delve deeply into what they want to know.

It's why so many colleges are now accepting homeschooled kids. It's why homeschooled kids do better on standardized tests than school kids. It's why - the first time you meet a homeschooled kid - you shouldn't be surprised at how interesting and informed they are. (Even the young ones!)

So if you're in that "in-between place" where you might, maybe want to try homeschooling...

...I sincerely hope this website, and our in-person group, can help you on your journey. Maybe it just helps knowing you are not alone. Looking back at my own homeschooling journey - when I was first starting out - and freaking out - I wish I'd had a group like ours to help me find my bearings.

So thanks for visiting! If you live locally in Southern California, and you're ready to join our Field Trips and Park Days and Special Events, just click on over to the OC Homeschool Meetup Group. Our membership dues are only $30/year - and we would love to have you!
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