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MUSICSTAR® ACADEMY OF MUSIC offers you the very best local private instrument and voice music lessons and group music classes, as we simply represent only the very best instrument and voice music teachers. Only a very small number of qualified instrument and voice teacher applicants ever make it into the ranks of certified MUSICSTAR® instrument and voice music instructors.

All of our music teachers, no matter if piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, vocal, drum, flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin and other band or orchestra music teachers - must first pass meticulous background, reference and fingerprinting checks, as well as undergo special music teacher training before becoming certified MUSICSTAR® teachers. We expect our instrument and voice music instructors to be excellent educators and mentors, and to inspire instrumental and vocal music students of all ages and musical abilities.
Music Lessons K-12 guitar, piano, voice, various other instruments
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Sky Mountain Charter School
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