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Founded in 1979, Music Maker has developed a full and complete line of services and products for musicians of all ages and levels. We believe that every individual should have the opportunity to discover and learn the joys of creating music, and that education is the foundation of that discovery. Our School of Music offers a diversified curriculum for all ages and degrees of advancement, and meets the needs of aspiring professionals as well as students simply desiring to increase their knowledge and skills.
Music Maker School of Music offers convenient one-on-one instruction for all ages and every level of ability.

Private Instruction enables the student to progress rapidly, with emphasis on customizing the lessons to meet the goals of each individual. Students develop their fullest musical potential in an environment that combines musical expression and enjoyment with discipline.

Group Instruction students acquire a comprehensive foundation while in the presence of other classmates. This enables our accomplished teachers to present materials using ensemble teaching techniques in a comfortable atmosphere. All group classes are structured to lead to private instruction, or may be combined with private instruction for older students.
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