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M.O.M (Moms of Murrieta) Homeschool Support Group, is for parents who believe home education is what is best for our children. Whether you use an R4, ISP, or charter school we encourage you to join us. We have created a place where you can come for tips, advice and questions about your home school journey.It is our goal to have monthly meetings, park days, holiday parties, Field Trips, Library Days, and Mom Movie Nights. We are here to form lasting friendships for our children and us Moms! Our only requirement is that you must be a member to receive invitations to our events. We do this to respect the privacy of our homeschooling families and create a stable environment.
ave you found it hard to connect with a group of women? You are a mom, with little ones, attempting to conquer the hurdles of home education for the first time. Most homeschooling families are not made of money. Through local community resources and creative ideas we have found a way to enrich our kids lives with local field trips and lasting friendships. Which is why M.O.M was started. There are a lot of moms out there that need a place to meet with other moms! We are homeschooling our children, often with babies or siblings in tow. We want to connect with a group and not just be a part of one. Consider joining us. With park days, fun field trips, and mom outings, we are dedicated to making this a homeschool group that is fun for not only our kids, but us as well. Here, you do not need to hire a babysitter to participate, all of our activities are family friendly for the entire family! Cost is $10
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