Mamoun Learning Center
Welcome to Mamoun Learning Center! We thank you for your interest and look forward to having you join us in the classroom, online or even on location at your business or residence.

We proudly offer high-quality, innovative educational instruction focusing on serving the needs of our students, with individualized programs and personalized attention that ensure our students learn the skills and knowledge necessary for success in today’s competitive world.

Our talented, experienced and enthusiastic instructors and staff are dedicated to making your experience with Mamoun Learning Center both memorable and valuable, and are here to assist you in your personal and professional growth. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Our American operation was founded in Orange County, California in 2011, but our educational roots trace back more than 40 years; our educational institutes in the Middle east have attracted students from around the world who seek intellectual challenges and a special opportunity to study. Classes are taught in different majors, and provide students with a very unique and high quality educational instruction focusing on the needs of our students.

Our Offerings
Starting in 2012, Mamoun Learning Center is proudly offering our initial slate of language and cultural courses, focusing on Arabic, Farsi (Persian), Spanish, French and English as a Second Language (ESL). Our innovative and comprehensive programs enable students of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience to become comfortable and skilled in the language of their choice, whether they have previous knowledge of the subject or not.

Regardless of the language studied, our students have the opportunity to attend lectures given by faculty and distinguished guest speakers, make friends with classmates, interact with teachers, and watch television and films, all exclusively in the language which is being learned. Additionally, our instructors expose students to various native media, including newspapers, magazines, television and websites, which help to develop proficiency and provide perspective on current events around the world through another cultural prism. We believe that this enables students to better appreciate and understand how cultures and language interact, as well as to express themselves more fluently and confidently, whether they are native speakers, continuing previous language training, or simply trying a new language for the first time!

Through participation in any of the language and cultural programs at Mamoun Learning Center, students from any background and educational history are also afforded the opportunity to earn an experiential certificate demonstrating both a superior and professional level of proficiency in the language they have chosen to study. This training prepares them for employment domestically or abroad in both the private and public sectors.

Language courses are typically organized according to various levels of proficiency and focused on various needs, including general use, business, and travel. Please see our Website for the most current course schedule. At Mamoun Learning Center, you will master not only vocabulary, grammar and syntax, but how to use the nuances of language to engage effectively and appropriately with other cultures.

In addition to our public classes, small group, private and corporate/institutional instruction is also available, either at our premises or on location. Specialized instruction in medical, legal, diplomatic or vocationally-oriented terminology can also be arranged, as well as certified translation services in any of the languages currently offered.
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