Malibu Canyon Homeschooling Co-op
"Real learning is a process of discovery, and if we want it to happen, we must create the kinds of conditions in which discoveries are made. . . They include time, freedom, and a lack of pressure." John Holt

The Sudbury model:
All people are curious by nature; the most efficient, long-lasting and profound learning takes place when started and pursued by the learner; all people are creative if they are allowed to develop their unique talents; age-mixing among children promotes growth in all members of the group; freedom is essential to the development of personal responsibility; our's should be a community in which children are exposed to the complexities of life in the framework of a participatory democracy.

We hope to define and embrace a homeschooling community where each member contributes to the whole. Where each person is respected and valued. Where political and religious differences are accepted. We are inclusive, self determined and self governing. We welcome all regardless of homeschooling method or style.
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Malibu, Topanga, Calabasas, and Agoura Hills homeschooling community
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