M.Y. Air Flight School
M.Y. AIR Corp.’s flight instruction is done primarily on a one-on-one basis so the student can get a thorough and personalized education in aviation. Students are recommended to take a flying lesson and fly at least twice a week, so the information is retained, and lessons are not repeated. Please call if you have any more questions on M.Y. AIR courses.

The Airline Express Program is for students who are interested in becoming airline or charter pilots. When you graduate from the airline express program, you will be highly qualified for an assortment of jobs: flying for the police, fire department, civil air patrol, gas and oil companies, doing pipe line checks, banner towing, and many more opportunities. These jobs are consistently in high demand all across the United States. After doing these types of jobs until you acquire roughly 1000 hours, you will be able to go to the airlines and charter companies.

The Private pilot license is a license for people who are not looking for a career in aviation; in short, it is a hobby license for people who have a dream to take to the skies. Private pilots are able to fly in any public airspace in the United States and can carry passengers day or night. Private pilots may not act as pilot in command of an aircraft that is used for compensation or hire, except when the flight is incidental to a business; for example, in transportation for an owner of a business who flies himself. Also, a private pilot may not pay less then half of the cost of the aircraft flight; including fuel, oil, expenditures or rental fees.
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