Jaime Escalante Math Program
Jaime Escalante developed a relationship with East Los Angeles College. He realized that he did not have enough time during school hours to teach the students everything they needed to know for the Advance Placement exams. He began to teach summer school at Garfield however he eventually lost the ability to teach during the summer. It was at this point that Escalante asked the college to help him. The college was pleased to help Escalante and its community. Not only did the partnership with the college help Escalante by providing a flexible schedule and classrooms but it also helped the program grow.
The Escalante Math Program is an intensive approach to pre-collegiate mathematic instruction whose comprehensive mission is to prepare inner city disadvantaged youths (primarily Latinos) to enter and succeed in mathematics-based college and university programs leading to careers in fields related to math, while simultaneously improving the quality of math instruction at inner city elementary, middle and high schools. Our program offers a variety of courses. Using the California standards we offer courses ranging from Pre-Algebra to Trig Math Analysis. However, when we work with special programs or schools we adjust to their needs and create classes designed to address the needs of their students.

The program is open to everyone. The only requirement is completion of the 6th grade before entering the program. Enrollment is done via drawing. Signups are in January.

We ask that the parents support their children by making sure they get to class on time, get their homework done everyday, and encourage them to ask for help.
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