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Families have the opportunity to participate in classes, field trips, park days, and festivals. The Homeschool Garden Cooperative is a homeschooling group committed to an imaginative, artistic approach to teaching, and is inspired by the educational insights of Waldorf Education. The Co-op brings together a community of parent educators and supportive teachers with philosophies dedicated to the emotional, intellectual, and physical development of children. The Co-op meets weekly on Thursdays in Studio City from 9:15 am - 12:30 pm. We have time to play, socialize and eat lunch. Park Days and Field Trips are once a month. Festivals are held seasonally. ur easily accessible location boasts a beautiful backyard, a child’s dream play structure, a dynamic garden and three hearty hens.
At Homeschool Garden Nursery School and Kindergarten, our hope is to be a strong support to families while providing an environment that is warm, secure, and as homelike as possible. We provide a space where children feel free to explore their own sense of wonder and curiosity, which supports them in their developing sense of self. By giving children the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities indoors and outdoors we are able to promote an awareness of the world in which they live and encourage respect for others as well as our environment.
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