History Through Heritage classes will lead students through tracing their own family tree. They will learn about the history of the people and places they find; history in reverse, so to speak.

​Students will use historical documents to find facts about their ancestors and piece together what their lives were like by examining the events of their time in the places where they lived. The course is designed to engage kids in an exciting journey of discovery and inspire them to keep digging and learning. Students will also be encouraged to connect with the elderly in community service projects to help document the lives of our older generations.
Students will learn:

Genealogy basics

Research resources and techniques

​Critical thinking and logic skills

Historical facts and events in relation to their own family

How history has influenced their own lives as well as current events
Patricia Duro, Genealogist

I hold a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University and have over 20 years of genealogical research experience enabling me to provide thorough, reliable research services.

I am located in Southern California. I provide research, consultation, document retrieval, and education in genealogy and history. I have experience with an array of historical records in the United States, Canada, UK, and Italy. I love history and genealogy, and I would be excited to help you with your genealogical adventure!
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