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Free Flow Academy is a training and production facility for those looking to develop and improve their talents. We are a literal Hybrid Arts training center centered on the flowing disciplines of Parkour, Freerunning, Tumbling, Martial Arts, Aerial Arts, Acting, Music, and more.

Our approach is to offer Disciplines of Motion and Disciplines of Creation in a diverse variety. We offer a holistic approach to the athlete and artist. For general health and longevity, exercise and proper nutrition is essential, as well as finding a creative outlet.

Our business model was designed to be a cross between a Beijing Opera School and Hollywood Stunt Gym. Our studies abroad, mainly in China and Europe, and having the chance to work with a variety of talent from all over the world gave us insight into the needs of how fitness and recreation should be addressed in the U.S. During our studies in China, we trained with the Shaolin Monks, as well as the top athletes from various prestigious schools from every province in China. We gathered information from students from various styles of Kung Fu Academies, as well as Beijing Opera Schools. Being huge fans of Jackie Chan, we were particularly intrigued by the students of Beijing Opera Schools. They were very well rounded, and highly sophisticated. We found it interesting that they studied a focus of what we came to know as "the 4 fundamental disciplines", which we recognized as Martial Arts, Dance, Music, and Acting. Those fundamental disciplines, can be broken down even further, which we came to recognize as simply: Movement and Expression.

During study in Europe we were able to gain valuable insight into the evolving movement of Parkour. Parkour is what we consider an evolved movement discipline, in that it has taken from a variety of existing movement arts, such as rock climbing, gymnastics, martial arts, and natural movement. This hybrid of movement, fine tuned, and directed towards creating a holistically strong, acrobatic, mobile, and agile athlete captivated our attention, and we highly respect and regard the pioneers in the industry as some of the most considerably talented athletes of our century.

Movement and Expression came to be our approach. We found that we enjoyed the community and flexibility of the Hollywood Stunt Gym vibe. Artists and Athletes from all over the world, from all walks of life, congregate to these gyms and "jam", share talent and moves, and then we see it explode on the big screen. We wanted Parkour to be our showpiece, as it encourages athletes to overcome their obstacles, mentally and physically - which is an important message that should be shared on a daily basis. We wanted to create this type of community and mecca for innovation. So we brought to you Free Flow Academy - where movement, creation, and innovation are intertwined.
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