Folsom Homeschoolers
Folsom Homeschoolers is an all-age, all-inclusive group of homeschooling families in the Folsom area. The purpose of the group is to provide a network for area homeschooling families for planning parkdays, classes, field trips, clubs, activities and offering in-person support. All homeschooling choices are welcome including public charter, private school, traditional, classical, eclectic and unschooling. Most activities are Folsom based but homeschooling families from neighboring communities are welcome to join us. We have families that make a 1+ hour drive each week for our parkday time! While all ages are welcome our group regulars generally run from newborn to 7th grade. Folsom Homeschoolers was established in 2005 and moved to Meetup in 2009.
-weekly (or more!) park days
-field trips
-fun days (pool days, Sky High, bounce house and more)
-themed park days (bubbles, jump rope, water play, math activities and so much more!)
-holiday parties
-annual Trunk or Treat Halloween Party (2014 we had nearly 100 homeschoolers participating!)
-annual Valentine Party (always a big hit with 80+ kids exchanging Valentines)
-annual clothing exchange
-charitable events
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