Flight School Gymnastics
Flight School Gymnastics was started in Torrance CA in 2013 to fit the local needs of the growing sport of gymnastics. With a passion and commitment to gymnastics, the owners felt compelled to open a facility to meet those needs. Flight School Gymnastics is an organization committed to giving children the opportunity to experience the joy and benefits of gymnastics.
Our programs are designed to help children develop from beginning gymnastics all the way through competitive team. Our academy and team offer a wide range of options starting with parent and me, beginning, intermediate and advanced classes. Our team includes Compulsories Junior Olympic Pre-Team, Compulsories Junior Olympic levels 1-5, Optionals Junior Olympic levels 6-10, and Elite Program. Many of our team members have held numerous State, Regional, and National titles..
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503 Van Ness Ave
Torrance, CA 90501
(424) 558-8171
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