Explor Ocean
ExplorOcean is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating K-12 students about the seven principles of Ocean Literacy.

We are located at 600 East Bay Avenue, Newport Beach California 92661 and operate a 33,500 Sq. Ft. facility in addition to a 25,000 sq. ft. commercial marina. We also offer several boardwalk rides including the world’s only outdoor Mechanical Bull Shark Ride, an endless water slide ride called “Fish Pipe” and a bungee trampoline ride called “Ocean Motion” owned and operated by our wholly owned subsidiary Fun Zone Entertainment.

Ocean Literacy Center - K-12 students learn about the ocean through hands on experiments and activities designed by our Director of Education, Dr. Wendy Marshall.

ExplorOcean Maker Lab – A huge lab dedicated to children where they can let their imagination run wild with technology and enhance their critical thinking and problem solving skills!

Steele Model Pavilion – A gift of the Richard Steele Foundation, this exhibition features historical Ships of War from Europe and the Far East. The collection features fine examples of the craft plying the high seas and includes beautiful ship models made of whale bones by prisoners of war from the time period.

ExplorOcean Newport Beach California Preview Center - This 800 square foot room offers architectural renderings of our Campaign plans to redevelop the entire building, boardwalk and waterfront by 2018. Visitors can see a physical model of the new building scheduled to open in 2018 and an informational video about the project.

Innovation Lab – The ExplorOcean Innovation Lab offers visitors the space, time, and tools to innovate and create. A unique space for older explorers, the innovation lab kicks off with three key programs: Mathobotix, Underwater Robotics, and the Makers Lab. This lab features advanced tools such as 3D printers, laser engravers & electronic invention kits for kids age 10+ to create their own projects. These tools and supplies not normally found in public or private schools will provide unique and a high quality STEM experiences!

ExplorOcean’s dedication to giving back to the community begins with our relationships with local non-profits that service at-risk youth. Olive Crest, Orangewood, KidWorks, C.A.S.A and others enjoy an educational opportunity that engages their students while developing the explorer within. Whether coming to our Newport Beach location, enjoying a trip to the local tide pools or taking their first boat ride to Catalina Island, ExplorOcean opens new doors for the students to see their world from a new perspective. Our young visitors come away dreaming of new adventures and realizing new possibilities.

Newport draws 8,000,000 people annually and 2,000,000 of those walk on our Boardwalk adjacent to the harbor. Our galleries receive tens of thousands of visitors every year.
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