Enlightened Learners of Orange County
Through Tumbarello's Teaching and Tutoring Service, students will gain a classical approach in education using literature, history and writing.
* To establish a love of learning for the disciplines of history and language arts.

* To promote critical thinking and writing skills aligned with California State Standards.

* To provide students an opportunity to discuss, debate and create essays in a safe and comfortable environment.

* To help guide a respectful and insightful individual in his/her pursuit of knowledge and understanding.
ReneeTumbarello is a certificated educator with a B.A. in History and
English and an M.A. in Education Administration. She taught junior high
and high school students for over 10 years. Recently, Renee has been
home raising three young children with her husband in Newport Beach,
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P.O. Box 11201
Newport Beach, CA 92658
(949) 836-2609
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