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Encore Entertainers was officially formed in June of 2007 by Marcelo & Summer Cacciagioni, but the concept and name started long before that.

When Summer was a freshman in high school, she interviewed her musical theatre director, (whom she admired very much!) and wrote a paper about him. In this paper, she wrote, "One day I want to grow up and produce, direct, and run my own Youth Theatre Company!" Five years after writing that statement, Summer began teaching acting classes at different studios (such as Studio 1137). It was then that her roommates decided that she needed to come up with a name for her acting classes. That evening they came up with the name ENCORE and the acronym it stood for, seven years before the dream would become a reality! (ENCORE stands for Educating the Next Class Of Rising Entertainers.)

In 2007, the amazing director that Summer had written her paper about, Mr. Alex H. Urban, passed away. This was a big eye opener for her! At this point, she had been working in youth theatre all over the South Bay for almost 15 years. With the shock of losing her mentor and the encouragement of her husband, Summer finally pursued her dream and "officially" started Encore Entertainers. Since then it has been a wild ride and a dream come true! Summer and Marcelo have been blessed to have a wonderful group of staff and parent volunteers who have come out of the woodwork to make Encore more than the two of them ever dreamed possible! Encore has become a home and family for so many people!

Since our beginning, nearly four years ago, we at ENCORE Entertainers have had the privilege of teaching over 300 students through our productions, charity outreaches, camps and classes. This summer, at the end of only our fourth year, we will have completed 23 musical productions, seven Spaghetti Dinner fundraisers, a golf tournament, our first Gala Fundraiser evening, three Comedy & Magic Club fundraisers, three performances with Teens Against Cancer, a fundraiser production for Friends of Angels, a fundraiser production for the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure, and two assembly school tours throughout the South Bay teaching kids about safety! (You could say we’ve been a bit busy!!!) We are so proud of all that Encore has accomplished in this short time and we look forward to having an impact on the lives of children and adults for many years to come.

Many individuals have helped Encore Entertainers become the company it is today. I would like to thank all those who helped me along the way and inspired my dream!
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