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Welcome to the wonderful sport of archery. The bow and arrow have been around for a long time and have been present in many cultures with the sport of archery being around for about as long. There are many styles of archery and many places to practice those styles. The El Dorado Archery Range is no exception and will allow most forms of archery.
The El Dorado Archers is an archery club whose goal is to bring this wonderful sport to the community.
Our vision is to promote, participate in, and develop skills in the Olympic sport of archery through education, coaching, practice and competition. Our USA Archery certified coaching staff works with anyone age 8 or older. We will take you from beginning archery through to competitive archery. (Youth may require parental assistance and presence.) Although El Dorado Archers, Inc. is a membership based organization, it continually reaches out to the public through its training and group programs which do not require club membership.
The El Dorado Archery field was used in the 1984 Olympics.
Annual parking permits are available at the El Dorado Nature Center, across the street from where the club meets.
Golden Globe-winning actress Geena Davis competed for a spot in the 2000 U.S. Olympic team.
El Dorado Archers and its instructors are U.S.A Archery certified.
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