Dr. Alma Batista
Learn or continue your piano, voice, violin, guitar or composition lessons in a fun and supportive environment. Our instructors are professional musicians that enjoy sharing their love for music. Private instruction provides an ideal environment for mastery of a musical instrument, allowing the teacher to meet the unique needs of each student; adapting to his/her challenge level, assessing technical strengths and weaknesses, and creating an atmosphere tailored to the student’s own learning style.
Private Piano, Guitar, Voice, Violin, Theory and Composition Music Lessons. We also teach Ear Training, Music Appreciation, Chamber Music and sell Music Books, Gifts, and Accessories. We are Vendors with Sky Mountain and River Springs Charter Schools. We can special order books and guitars.
Doctor of Musical Arts - University of California, Santa Barbara
Master of Music - San Francisco Conservatory of Music
Bachelor of Music - San Francisco Conservatory of Music
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