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For over 25 years, Discovery Science Foundation has been a non-profit organization impacting the lives of children through hands-on science education. At our foundation lies our four core initiatives used to prepare the next generation of teachers, students and life-long learners. From early childhood education to STEM proficiency, healthy living to environmental stewardship, these initiatives go to the heart of the Foundation’s mission as an entity of inspiration, education, and transformation.

Even with the new addition of our Los Angeles facility and the expansion of our Orange County location underway, we are much more than experience within our walls. From our educational outreach programs to our empowering real world application, we are an agent of change in this ever-evolving world, a Foundation on a mission of good through the wonders of science.
At Discovery Cube, our exhibits, field trips and assembly programs allow kids to think and learn using their hands. Our science education programs align with the Next Generation Science Standards and our professional development for educators provide cutting-edge methods for instruction, high quality lesson plans, and hands-on activities to integrate in the classroom.
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