Dexter Music
Dexter Music is Orange County's Premier In-Home Music Instruction

- Private instruction in piano, voice, guitar, drums, bass, saxophone, flute violin, viola, ukulele, harmonica, and more.
- We come to you for the most convenient experience possible
- Each student is matched with the teacher that fits them best
- Recitals offer students a fun goal and opportunity to shine

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Learning music should be more than simply memorizing a stack of chord charts, for the true beauty of music is revealed when students unlock their minds and let their imaginations run free. Dexter Music in Orange County helps its students - no matter how novice or seasoned - realize their artistic goals in a relaxed, productive setting in your home that focuses on building up the actual student as well as the student's skills.
Dexter Music founders Paul and Kim Dexter are 22-year music industry veterans with more than 18 years teaching experience. As touring recording artists in the nineties, the Dexters learned the performance techniques, industry ins-and-outs, and artistic commercial balance that only a professional musician fully comprehends. During this time, the Dexters also wrote/produced songs for other recording artists, created music for animated television/video shows, wrote/produced music for an award-winning children’s music/video series, and Paul even earned Grammy and Dove Award nominations for his work producing and engineering various pop artists. With such experience under their belts, the Dexters can provide a full-spectrum approach to teaching students the many aspects to learning, writing, and performing music.

To ensure the highest standards, Paul and Kim Dexter seek out music teachers who share their passion, understanding, knowledge and unique personable approach to music. In coordination with Dexter, all music programs are custom-tailored to meet needs ranging from casual players to professional aspirations with an overall view toward long-term goals. Performance recitals twice per year give each student an opportunity to showcase their skills in front of family, peers and friends. Best of all, the Dexter Music Academy offers busy parents a break by providing in-home lessons that give students the ultimate in personal attention and parents a break from driving and waiting. Dexter Music operates exclusively for families in Orange County and Long Beach, CA.
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