Del Rey Schools
What Sets Us Apart and What We Strive to Accomplish.

Spiritual Development:We pursue the wisdom and brilliance of the God of the universe, who created the brains used to learn and everything else. In addition we pursue Him, the God of the universe, who desires a personal relationship with each of His children who will excel in eternity and rise up to become the next generation of the King as capable leaders able to use their God give gifts and talents as cultural influencers to bless all the nations. Our goal is to shape the hearts of our children to love God and to study and know His word.

Individual Instruction: Del Rey teaches each student in his zone of development, ability, and strengths; and encourages mastery of subjects and concepts.

Mastery Levels

70% on anything being introduced.
90% on information introduced earlier in the program.
100% on all tasks and activities.
90% on material mastered.
Academic Curriculum:Del Rey provides a well-rounded academic curriculum with hands-on learning opportunities which include:

Basic Studies: Math and language arts require a disciplined approach. Our goal is to develop our children’s foundational learning skills and competencies. These academics are part of our overall goal to raise balanced, competent, wholehearted children, who bless the nations. We encourage the use of manipulatives, discovery, memorization for these foundational skills and competencies.

Literature Based Discussion Studies: We focus our studies in reading literature and history. Interacting with each other and inquiring about significance and meaning, shaped by biblical perspectives. We also study the fine arts. We desire to develop our children’s minds on the best in living books and the fine arts.

Discovery Studies: Next, we direct our children into the “study of learning” in areas such as nature, science, the creative arts, and all other interests. We stimulate a love for learning by creating opportunities for curiosity, creativity, experimentation, and discovery. We transfer to our children a desire and ability to learn.

Discretionary Studies: Finally, we turn to the “study of living,” focusing on natural gifts and interests, community involvement, and life skills. We direct our children to develop a range of skills and abilities according to their gifts, interests, and talents. Here is where we move them towards excellence in areas of personal giftedness and ability.

Physical Fitness: Del Rey’s emphasis on physical fitness extends beyond the regular physical education program to live long fitness routines and healthy lifestyle choices.

Testing: Del Rey provides annual standardized tests and advises parents on individual instruction to meet the student’s academic needs in the student’s zone of development.
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