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Crystal has over 20 years of performing, accompanying and teaching experience. Working with students ages 7-70, beginning through professional levels, she has the ability to quickly and accurately pinpoint a singer’s technical issues and develop a custom educational plan to help the student achieve their goals in musical theatre, pop, rock, classical and r&b genres. She also has extensive experience with students suffering from health problems that affect the voice, including but not limited to: nodules, acid reflux, allergies, asthma, and stroke.


I used to teach piano and was never really satisfied with the results of the conventional method that kept people coming back to play the same thing week after week. The path was open-ended, ambiguous, and created disinterest. I quit before my students did. I thought that if I were ever to teach again, I would have to offer an effective and logical way for students to get results quickly while really understanding music. I want to produce musicians who are confident and excited about what they have learned and are able to do. Well, I have finally landed on a method that I want to live by and I am excited to share it with you.
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