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CREATOR’Stouch understands that people consider taking art classes for different reasons, and therefore seeks to offer classes to meet each of those desires, whether it be based on a high interest in education or simply a fun activity to explore. Courses are broken down into three major categories: Fine Arts, Computer Graphics, and Crafts. We offer classes for ages two through adult. If one likes to create, there is something at CREATOR’Stouch that suits his/her interests and needs.

Classes are broken down into age groups and are offered for both the serious, skilled artist and the beginning, emerging artist. Our Instructors are talented artists who have a love for both art and people, especially children. Through hands-on instruction within very small classes, they instill confidence, excitement, and a sense of accomplishment in their students.

Parents and grandparents are encouraged to take classes with their children in either a Parent and Me class for the 2-4 year olds or in a Drawing, Painting, or Computer Graphics course for older children. This provides the opportunity to foster creativity in their young child and develop special memories together. Each student is worked with on an individualized basis, so projects are based on each individual’s skill level.

CREATOR’Stouch sees the importance of educating students in both the traditional arts and computer arts. The majority of the art industry has now integrated computers and requires that job seekers have knowledge and experience in the standard programs. If an individual is interested in pursuing art as a career, our Computer Graphics program in addition to our Fine Art courses will help him/her reach that goal.
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