Creative Kids Playhouse Children’s Theatre of Orange County
Creative Kids Playhouse Children's Theatre of Orange County is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing fun theatre opportunities for children, and entertaining children's theatre productions for the community. Every child can experience the exhilaration of performing. Every child can enjoy the theatre experience!

We are an education-based organization. Our focus is not on the overall production as much as it is on making sure that each individual student has a GREAT experience. In our opinion, that makes for a great show!

Our most important core value is that the children in the cast have fun, learn, and feel proud, happy, and confident in a job well done at the end of each show. The exhilaration of successfully performing a rehearsed piece on stage and receiving feedback afterward is one of the largest affirmations of worth and achievement that a child can get, similar to winning a scholastic award or athletic championship. Realizing that they have talents worth applause is a lesson in self worth that can provide life long benefits. Musical theatre helps children with reading skills, memorization skills, public speaking, music and movement, imagination and creativity, self-discipline, problem-solving, and working as a team. These moments instill the value of working hard to achieve a goal, and inspire them to aim even higher in the future. We are unique in that we work hard to give every member of the cast a moment in the spotlight. In our mainstage shows, every part is a speaking part.
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