Contra Costa Ballet Centre
For over 50 years, the Contra Costa Ballet Centre’s program has served the development of students from their first encounters with music and movement to becoming accomplished professional dancers. There are three separate divisions, which are carefully designed to introduce the correct technique and instruction appropriate for the age and physical development of the student. The three separate divisions are the Children Division, the Student Division, and the Adult/Open Division. There are two sessions a year: a fall session (coinciding with the normal school year; beginning of September to mid-June) and a summer session (beginning of July to mid-August).

The Contra Costa Ballet Centre syllabus is truly American, taking the best of the Russian and Italian schools. The directors of CCBC and its faculty have all studied the Ceccetti (Italian) and Vaganova (Russian) systems extensively, and, all coming from professional backgrounds, have danced in companies that have favored one technique over the other. For example, New York City Ballet has featured the works of their founder, Balanchine, who, being Russian, is very influenced by the Russian system while creating his own. Or the American Ballet Theatre which is known for their very broad repertory featuring works by American, Danish, Italian and Russian choreographers. It is with this depth of knowledge and experience that the faculty is able to offer your student a truly American syllabus.

While many students go on to pursue professional careers, the focus of training is on the excellence and joy of dance at each level of achievement. The principles, discipline, artistry and mental-physical development acquired through the study of classical ballet provide students with confidence, focus and grace for success in years to come.

Performing is an important aspect of a dancer’s training and experience. All students in the Children and Student Divisions perform in the annual Spring Showcase which features choreographed demonstrations of each class level.

The Contra Costa Ballet Centre is the home of the Contra Costa Ballet, one of only a few pre-professional, youth companies of this quality in existence in the United States. Company members are students from the most advanced level and perform twice annually at the Lesher Center for the Arts (“The Story of the Nutcracker” and “Spring Rep”) as well as in the annual Student Showcase. The young students of the Contra Costa Ballet Centre are fortunate to have the Contra Costa Ballet Company to aspire to.
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