Claylees Dance Academy
Claylee Stewart established Claylee’s Dance Academy in 1991 specifically for dancers of all ages. Claylee was determined to create a comfortable environment for children and adult participation. The studio offers a family friendly atmosphere while at the same time providing benefits not found at other studios including two large dance studios, ample free parking, two viewing areas where parents and students can relax and enjoy watching ongoing classes. Today, the studio has kept the same family friendly atmosphere that has been present from day one.

Claylee is a professional dancer turned dance teacher. Before opening the studio Claylee danced professionally in movies, television, and theater. She has danced professionally since age 17 when she auditioned and was chosen for cast member in the Disneyland Electrical Parade. While working at Disneyland she was cast as Snow White, Mary Poppins, and Cinderella as well as many other characters. After completing her BA degree at UC Irvine Claylee moved to Hollywood and danced professionally for several years. She danced in films like Grease starring Michelle Pfieffer, Pennies from Heaven starring Steve Martin and much more. Claylee’s talent extends beyond her professional dance career. While attending college she worked part time as a dance teacher for Linda Buell’s dance workshop. Little did she know at that time teaching was where her love for dance would take her.
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