Baseball Mentoring Program
This is a question each parent should ask themselves, when considering having their child participate in any type advanced sports training. Some other questions should be, what’s the trainers background and knowledge of the sport? Does he or she have any references we can contact? The final questions is what results do I expect from the training?

The Baseball Mentoring Program Inc. is operated and owned by two former professional ballplaying brothers with 18 years of combined experience in the professional ranks. Both instructors have experienced higher education and Division I competition. Both instructors have participated in several Summer and Winter Pro leagues to hone their abilities. The list goes on and on, but the questions is why do you want your child involved with the Baseball Mentoring Program?

A simple word is "MENTOR".

We understand life is not just about baseball, it’s about life. No matter if your child becomes a professional superstar or an accountant, our job is to mentor not only in baseball, but around the issues that hinder peoples lives and careers today. As a parent and Officer of the law I understand the problems our children face everyday. Sometimes our children don’t feel they can explain or ask their parents for advice on touchy questions, so they seek answers from other unreliable outlets.

We, BMP, aren’t in the parenting business, but we do offer the open communication to kids who feel comfortable talking to us. I remember being a teenager and the peer pressures of that time period. The best thing for me was an older brother who mentored me in the way we mentor our kids. We want them all to understand that they can do what ever they want if they sacrifice and put in the work.
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