Barnabas Robotics
This introduction to robotics class provides an opportunity for students to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math in a fun and engaging manner. In this course, students will be introduced to circuit building, micro-controller programming and 3D printing as they build a fully functioning robot of their own! Every robot will be different, as your child determines their robot's appearance and behavior.

Best of all, everyone gets to keep their completed robot at the end of the class. Your child can give their robot as a gift, or continue to hone their engineering skills at home! Our class concludes with a robot show case where parents are
encouraged to come watch their kids present their completed project. Students will also practice writing and speaking skills through daily journaling and group activities.
Our mission is to encourage innovation and to build community through robotics. We offer project-based educational products and services that aim to inspire young minds through robotics technology. As we put on classes and sell products, we look to reinvest our resources into communities through educational outreach.
Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - UC Berkeley
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