Aveson Center for Independent Study (ACIS)
The Aveson Center for Independent Study (ACIS) is designed to meet the needs of families who choose to homeschool but value access to a school community and a classroom experience. This is achieved through a hybrid homeschool program, which allows scholars the benefits of individualized instruction at home, while attending Aveson School of Leaders one day per week for social and academic enrichment. Through a structured program of in-depth independent study on topics of deep personal interest at home, coupled with collaborative campus-based projects, scholars build social leadership and 21st century skills. At ACIS, scholars have a chance to shine while learning at their own pace.
Enrollment in ACIS carries a number of additional benefits, including:

Weekly Campus Learning Days

Personal choice of curriculum

State compliance

Freedom to capitalize on strengths or scaffold weaknesses

Time to pursue subject-matter passions

A flexible schedule

Access to special education resources and/or additional academic support

Further, as an ACIS family, you and your child will have access to all school-wide programming and functions at Aveson including:

Science fairs

Talent shows

“Rights of Passage” trips

Book fairs

Fundraising events

School photos/yearbook

5th Grade Culmination Ceremony

Parent Education and Action Teams

Aveson school lunch program

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