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Alan has been involved in sports/athletics for more than 20 years. Alan was a 3 sport athlete in high school and college, and participated in Pro/Am Leagues as well as at the professional level. Alan decided to pursue a career in athletic training, sports Performance and athletic movement along with health and fitness to improve his own performance on the field. It was then he mastered knowledge of the body, movement, speed, flexibility, and quickness along with "functional" sport specific power, strength, and balance.

Alan has been Ignite/ACE Certified as well as a sports performance specialist for well over 20 years, and has acquired the knowledge and expertise in various fitness disciplines which include Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist, Complete Youth/Athlete Development Specialist, IYCA Speed and Agility Specialist, Sport Specific (Functional) Training, Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology, Exercise Psychology, IYCA Nutrition Specialist, FMS Certified, Proprioceptive (Balance) Training and Sports Nutrition just to name a few. Alan is also currently working with Azusa Pacific University’s Applied Exercise Science department as well as training many of their student athletes.

Alan was IYCA's first certified High School Strength and Conditioning Coach. Alan is also one of the first (and few.) Ignite Master Trainer certified coaches in California that has partnered with Under Armour, Gatorade, IMG Academies, and TRX (to name a few) to test, measure and assess an athletes foundational athleticism, movement, visual ability, nutrition, character, mental aptitude, as well as communicative skills.

Alan can find the weakness or compensations in an athlete and help that athlete to prepare to be their best when their best is needed. Alan strongly feels that our job as coaches is not to just fill up an hour or so for an athlete with as many drills or exercises as possible. Our job as a coach is to put the crosshairs on a problem and come at that problem 3 or 4 different ways. From a functional movement stand point, from a force production and reduction stand point and clean that athlete up, safely.
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