Angela Moore
Performance and Voice Coach, Angela Moore is an experienced and working stage performer, wife and mother to musical men, former home educator, and encourager of dreams.

- Learn memorization, practice, and presentation techniques.
- Develop confidence and express your truth.
- Find your light and have fun!
Now offering private lessons and workshops in preparing for the audition, performance, or presentation.

- Private Lessons: $35/half hour, $50/hour.
- Workshops: TBD based on group size and length of workshop.
Angela started her music education as a child, harmonizing with her mother to radio Mexicana, y live Mariachi, and singing to her father’s vast record collection of blues, classical, jazz, musical theatre, opera, and rock music. She attended a local Yamaha children's music class as a young child, and grew up participating in school choirs, musical theatre productions, and playing the flute in marching band. Angela continued her musical education at College of the Redwoods, and Humboldt State University. She taught children's music classes at The Institute for Preparatory Music Studies, and volunteered her class at a foster home for children with severe emotional, mental, and physical challenges. Angela has since performed in one to two musical theatre productions a year (except for the years her children were very little), worked on the tech crew for seven years of children’s theatre, and continues to volunteer by singing to hospice patients. She currently sings in the country band, The Waltones, sings and plays drums in the rock band, Daisy UnChained, and reads her poetry and prose at local open mics. Angela is now happy to offer private lessons and workshops: she has experience guiding children and adults, individuals and bands, in preparing for auditions, performances, and presentations.
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I give private lessons in my home in Santa Ana, CA, and have given workshops throughout Southern California.
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