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We meet every Wed., our first class starts @ 11:00am., lunch @ 12:00pm, then a 2nd class @ 1:00pm. We have different classes depending on the week and what family is in charge that week. Currently we have art and ancient history the first week of the month, science and sign language the 2nd week, health and ... that depends on who wants to take that week, any volunteers? The last week is usually reserved for a field trip. We always have some sort of craft to go along with what we are doing each week so the kids can not only learn but have something to take home! We start and end each Wed. group with a prayer. After our last class we also have a very short "Story Time", 15 minutes tops. The kids are told a story, usually from the Book of Virtues, but not always, and then asked to write a sentence up to a paragraph about the story, depending on age and maturity, and to draw a picture depicting their favorite part of the story. The next week the kids show off their picture and get a sticker. If they earn 10 stickers then they get a small prize. We love to get together, not only for the children but for the support and friendship we give each other. It's always a lot of fun as we go on our "Adventures in Learning" together. We have a wonderful multi-racial group of kids from newborn to 13 years, though all ages are welcome. We currently meet in my home with about 15 kids and 5 families participating.
Weekly classes and monthly fieldtrips
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