A Thousand Moor Homeschoolers
..is a loosely structured, inclusive {= all parenting, educational and life styles; religious faiths; and political positions} support group for families of homeschooled children and families that intend to homeschool who live in the Ventura County area of Southern California.

We provide field trips, park days, classes and clubs to our members. All activities are organized by members. Any member can organize an activity at any time.
A free inclusive, eclectic homeschooling support group with preschoolers to teens. We offer weekly park days, weekly field trips, classes and clubs as well as beach days during the summer. Our intent is to provide homeschooling families the experiences that will enrich their homeschool journey. All members have an equal voice in group operation as well as field trip and event planning. Serves members in Ventura County. Contact information:
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Moorpark, CA
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Ventura County
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