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We Love Homeschoolers!
Parents home school their children for many reasons, but a common goal is the desire to provide the best education possible. We understand.

One thing we've found in teaching subjects like science, higher math, and college writing; it can be difficult to cover these subjects in a home school setting if the parent feels challenged in these areas.

That's where we come in... Homeschool Academy helps parents supplement their own teaching. We provide unique classes, labs, fieldtrips, and presentations to help you make Homeschooling the best learning environment possible for your child.
In tutoring - as in most things - the "who" is just as important as the "what." Offering professional One-to-One, Four-to-One and Small Group Tutoring sessions, A Plus is founded on the belief that every child can succeed in their education given the right instruction and care. A Plus Tutoring only hires carefully screened, highly qualified instructors.

We also tailor our tutoring to match current California State Academic Standards. In today's over-crowded classrooms the "Teach to the Test" method often leaves students struggling. Our carefully tailored tutoring sessions teach comprehension as the main goal - not just test scores. At A Plus Tutoring we "Teach to the Student" rather than "Teach to the Test." The results are more confident students, better test scores and improved grades.

No matter what level your student is at, A Plus Tutoring will give them the confidence to take the next step. Grade School, Middle School, High School, College, Employment, Military... whatever the next step is, your student will feel more confident and ready for the challenges they'll face tomorrow.
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