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4StepsReading is a reading curriculum developed during the years I taught First Grade. I've been in the teaching field for over 30 years. Many of those years I taught reading to dyslexic children using an Orton-Gillingham based reading method. I was amazed at how well children learned to read with this method. As I changed teaching positions and started teaching First Grade I knew I had to apply these teaching methods in the classroom. I looked for a program to use in reading groups but was unsuccessful in finding one.

So, during my years of teaching First Grade I wrote reading packets that I could use in my reading groups that were phonetically based, sequential, (pairing up nicely with the phonic and language curriculum used in schools), and kid friendly. The reading packets cover all the syllable types: closed, open, unit, vowel team, silent e, consonant le, and vowel-r. It also teaches the four syllable division rules: one letter between the vowels, two letters between the vowels, three letters between the vowels, and four letters between the vowels. The reading packets include suffixes "ing", "ed", and "er".

The curriculum is set up in 37 reading packets. Each packet focuses on a reading pattern or rule. The packets include reading words, building sentences with phrases, phrasing complete sentences, and story reading.

There are two levels of reading to address the needs of strong versus struggling readers. The stories are leveled, yet similar in that the stories have the same title but one has easier text. Each packet consists of five pages made up of words, phrases, sentences, and stories based on the rule. A spelling list for each packet is available to purchase if you would like to send home words as spelling homework.

The teacher's manual includes a syllabus for the year, instructions for each packet, and a weekly lesson plan to cover the packet in small group instruction. The curriculum is over 400 pages long. It is organized in a binder with the packets placed in a sequence that allows the curriculum to flow and build upon itself. The curriculum will cover a full year for teaching reading in the classroom. Teaching one packet per week of school is recommended.

The 4StepsReading program is tried and tested, and has been used to teach hundreds of children how to read. Students using these packets will understand how to attack and decode words correctly and easily. They will become fluent readers as they progress through the reading packets. These packets are very effective for teaching beginning reading within small groups in the classroom setting or in a homeschool program.

I am currently working as a reading specialist. If you need more information, would like to preview the curriculum, or have questions about this program, please contact me.
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